Monday, March 12, 2012

Marie in London

Our amazing Senior Radio Producer, Marie, joined us in London for her first time in Europe. I only managed to catch up with her for one afternoon, but we enjoyed the early spring sunshine and street performers of Covent Garden, before heading to the British Museum.   One particularly special moment was showing Marie the Museum's small section devoted to her own beautiful country.  Knowing she was missing her family, the food, her friends, I left her to a silent moment of appreciation while I chewed on the thought of  how one looks at one's own country via the lens of another.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cambodia in colour

Garment workers, Cambodia

Looking back on my time in Cambodia...  On our visits to the Kampong Speu province, I was astounded to witness the end of shift transportation of some of Cambodia's millions of garment workers.   I guess it's the equivalent of the tube at rush hour, hundreds of bodies pressing in to small areas.  Not quite the same safety precautions however.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Thames, early spring.

I walked to the Thames! Here's the proof. Was wonderful to wander down past all the old locks, canal barges and ancient brick work.  Not to mention dodging priests on bikes, runners and all the general loiterers.  Actually, I'm the only one loitering along, everyone else appears to be moving from one point to the next in a fairly brisk manner.

Limehouse basin was interesting, it was the old Regent's Canal port that connected England with the greater world from the early 19th century.  As I looked south, behind me stood the world's second oldest public transport rail arches, built in 1840, now used for the Docklands railway.   This was my 2nd, two hour walk in two days.  I'm finally getting my exploring hat on to discover more about this astounding city.  In the past few days I've come to realize how much I love the place, and wow, I've been here 3 years?

Regent's Canal walk, early spring.

Near Broadway Market, my local market that's been in use since the 1860s.  
Under the bridge lies the bones of old things. 

Gorgeous old canal buildings, slowing being pulled down or converted. 

Where Regent's Canal borders Victoria Park. 

Spring blossom!

Approaching Mile End

Look at those feet! Stupendous. 
I walked from my house to the Thames along the towpath.  Had an urge.

Hello darling.

In front of his dad's sheep shearing shed, Canterbury, NZ 2012.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leila's shop

Winter vegies from Leila's Shop in Arnold Circus. Fried eggs with sage, check.

winter weekend

Looking back at our weekend of winter.  That's ice on the canal, that is.   So many of those beautiful canal buildings are being pulled down now...