Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bethnal Green Town Hall

The perfect friday night when you've just paid is to visit this lovely bar for some elegant, heady cocktails.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ode to food

Hmmmm mushroom wellington, you stalk my dreams with your pastry, nutty, mushroom-ness.  Oh I love meat eaters that see it a fine challenge to whip up vegetarian treats for their dear friends.  And yeehaar that gorgeous pear and apple crumble that followed.

I tried looking for the recipe for we followed, couldn't find it, but this one comes close.

As a postscript, here's the link to a totally righteous food blog I discovered recently.

Welcome to Amsterdam

Welcome to Amsterdam Hilversum. I had the opportunity, last minute, to jump in a friend's £400 car and drive through 4 countries in 6 hours to visit Steph, Paul's better half.  Steph works at an international fragrance company in a town 20mins south of the 'Dam, an amazing opportunity for her, and to which we will come to later.  

Now, I'm no spring chicken when it comes to travelling, but let me tell you, I get some serious delight off the signs that point to France from the car park at the Folkstone terminal.  We load our car onto the train and whizz off into the night.  4 people eating egg sandwiches under the sea. 

We drive through the night to reach a cold rainy Amsterdam - all wet noses, manicured hedges and lumbering Dutch bikes. PS - while they don't dress well, their collective cheekbones could slice paper, and yup, they sure are tall - I loves.  Hilversum, where we stayed, is not a pretty town.  Its neighbour to the north however, is gorgeous. In Laren we sipped spiced wine in candle lit pubs for the retired ;), savored Frederic Malle's fine fragrances (formulated by the top 9 'noses' in the world) and wandered around the obviously wealthy, perfectly kept village, lit charmingly with post-christmas fairy lights entangled in the bare branches of her trees. 

The remainder of the weekend entailed mostly eating.  Lots of eating. Paul and Steph are fine, fine chefs. We did manage to skip over to Amsterdam on the sunday afternoon - rode the trams, admired the askew lines of 17th century homes beside the canals and drank more spiced wine.  Just as we were about to return to our car, I demanded a visit to the red light district, which is where we found ourselves  late Sunday afternoon.  It was dark by now, still cold, as we wandered down.  Amsterdam's a strange place, the sluggish warmth of the special coffee shops, lines of tourists, painterly museums, ladies of all shapes and ages displayed in windows, high brow sex stores.   This seems to be a world of contradictions on the surface. Young families sunday strolling with the kids past windows of women in fluro underwear? I don't know.  

I did enjoy seeing these parked in the underground car park though: hmmm sexy.  Why the layer of dust, I don't know. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Parisian hinterland

She's coming into town / view from the train window.  There's no clues here to how cold it actually was.
Feeling suitably industrial tonight.

Richmond, winding Thames.

We went southwest to meet family and found ourselves in an 18th century pub overlooking the winding Thames (besides royal swans, Richmond is also home to Mick Jagger).   A change of direction brings new visions of London - I very rarely leave the East End, and sunset views like this remind me to not get so comfortable.   I was using my trusty 550d, with my 60s Pentax 28mm lens, (always a bugger to focus, and with these strange pale colours).  However I think my cousie bro Panos nailed the shoot, his photos from this evening are all gorgeous - so I'll leave his shot for the last.  He caught the sunset in said lens. x

#Inspiration - Mike Salisbury on his career at the BBC's NHU


I've always had a deep love for wildlife and documentary filmmaking.  So to find a narrative archive of the lives and histories of those who produce this body of work is like striking inspiration gold - very fortuitous timing at this point in my own career.

 Listen to the Salisbury's narrative career history here.  

Monday, February 13, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Holy macaroni!

It's a full moon rising over Hackney!  (Taken through my kitchen window at around 5.25pm this evening).  Within an hour, a friend had sent me a photo of the same moon setting over the Waitakere ranges in Auckland.  Synergy.

Thanks Sean x