Thursday, January 26, 2012

Returning from the shearing sheds.

In the sun


Listening to A Real Hero, by Collage. You know the haunting one from Drive? 


Ruby's house

Visting my Grandparent's house in Auckland.  I love the garden there, and the carpets. And its still so close to how it was when they were alive.  Keeps my memories of them near to the surface. Was very wonderful to catch up with my dad and stepmum and introduce the boyfriend to them.  A success! 

Jumping off railway bridges and river swimming.

Call this my initiation >> needless to say, the worst part was running across State Highway 1 in my underwear. 

Why, hello Aotearoa!

Sky and water-scapes at the barbecue.

Red dirt girl

Landscapes, Australia

Flooded uranium mine, Mt Isa. Still radioactive.

Flooded mineshaft, nicknamed 'poison'.