Monday, June 13, 2011

Everything comes in waves...

New works: Everything Comes in Waves / Tsunami No.1 - No.3 (42" HD) Currently showing at La Scatola Gallery London EC2A 2DQ

I visited my friend Kentaro Yamada's art exhibition launch last thursday, and it was beautiful.  The light bulbs you can see in the photo above lit up in the pattern associated with Cheyne Stokes breathing, the breathing of one who is close to death.

As you know, I lost my grandfather last month.  And before he died, I spent two days by his side, his breaths marking the passage of time in that room, over those 48 hours.  Anyone who's been by the side of someone who is dying knows this pattern well, the intake of air, followed by impossibly long silences, where you wonder if they will ever take another breath again.

Everything is steeply heightened, the nights when all is silent except for his breath, the stillness of people coming to terms with what is happening in front of them...  Well Kentaro's representation of that breath, through light, was profound, peaceful and it gave me a moment to pause and remember those powerful, emotional last days that I'm so grateful for.

See the exhibition here
Visit Kentaro's website
Photographer: unknown

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