Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Looking #1

Of course you had perfect saddle bags. And a dog sitting in your basket.  And look at that bike.  Nice lines.
Currently listening to: Thurston Moore 'Trees outside the Academy'.  Beautiful.

*edit* apparently she's carrying me too. That's rather special. I never knew...


Our ranunculus have settled in nicely - so nicely they are in fact exploding fast out of the pot they have been planted in.   We're starting to see sunsets again, sharp potent light that floods the tops of buildings beyond our windows.  Yesterday, after re-watching Y tu Mama Tambien (so good the second time, so good) we hung ourselves off the balcony just to bathe in the light as its slid down the wall.

I'm currently sitting on a reindeer skin Daniel brought back from Norway, and before you ask, it's an ecologically sound reindeer skin - a product of the yearly cull to keep numbers at a healthy level.  It's white, and thick, and so very very warm.  It's going to be a shedder though i'm afraid.   Before the skin, Daniel brought me a wig from Russia, where apparently all women wear them.  Synthetic, blonde, but considered natural beauty at it's best!  What's it going to be from Canada I wonder?  A chocolate bar? If you get that joke, then you must be a Stones fan.

Watercolour clouds, no?