Sunday, October 10, 2010

a chihuahua that should of been named Henry

We've  been hanging out with the strangest little rat-like creature all weekend.  A chihuahua that is part cat part rat part baby seal part quivering fawn.  He's got a little bit of attitude, a whole pile of wuss, but on the whole, he's largely unforgettable and very very sweet. 

Summer returned for the weekend...

Oh the light! the heat! 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gentleman's Club, London

Daniel and I had dinner with Daniel's uncle David who happens to live in this intriguing, very historic,  naval and military club in Piccadilly Circus.   The building it is now situated in was built in 1679, and the club has been running since 1862.  I got to see Daniel play piano for the first time!   There's also a closed door, gentlemen only bar which I may need a mustache to get in to.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

City to country...


One of the top 3 meals of my little life...

Inside Vatican City

Once upon a time, this bowl was used by ancient Roman rulers for food orgies.  
The Sistine Chapel - illegal photography by moi.  


Le strade di notte

Roman corner

prosecco + dolce

Roman night

Electric city.  We visited to celebrate my cousin Sophie's impending marriage and had four days of magic!

I never told you about Rome...

I've never been anywhere more beautiful.  Perhaps my new favourite city?

British traditions: the hen night.

Everything you need. Apparently. Iconographies of sex, marriage and preparation.