Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Old Crow Medicine, Dave Rawlings Machine and Gillian Welch @ The Troxy Sept 2010

Read a review of the show.  It was outta this world. 

Adam in Greenwich...

Adam in front of the town hall where his parents were married. 

He certainly showed us where the best pubs were....

On set of Pirates 4

This is us walking around the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 set in the Royal Naval College at Greenwich last weekend... Every time we asked a security guard or construction worker what the film was, we got a "...oh, can't remember!" answer.  Hmmmm.   Extraordinary though, the work, detail that goes into the production of such a big budget film.  No Johnny or Penelope though.

See the rubber cobble stones? And that building is completely fake. The wonder of Set Construction...

"Bluebeard Productions" ahem yeah right

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hackney fires

Maybe the last of the summer garden fires ever.  We're moving.  This weekend.  I don't know if a garden is in my future.  I hope one is. I'll settle for a roof top terrace with terracotta pots and plants overflowing? Adam it was so lovely having you here.  I'll miss you.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Special Report from the Christchurch Earthquake!


I had woken in shock!!! All that I could feel was a giant shake.
My friend Kelly was over that night and she was so scared that she got right back under the blanket!!!
The worst thing that happened in my house was my mums candle holder broke.
I was so afraid and scared and could hardly breathe!
AGED 9 3/4

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The macro world of Sissinghurst

Point Break

An English summer....


We went on a badger hunt and saw rabbits, cows and bats...

...and played charade/word/performance games til the cows came home.

Campsite views

I cheated and rented a caravan to ensure my cold wouldn't grow worse, everyone else froze in their tents... at least we could make them a cup of coffee in the morning!

Up on the headland...

The water was green and deep. Strange doorways seemed cut into the cliff face. A very magical place indeed.