Saturday, August 21, 2010

First glimpses of London

Daniel's lovely mum Debbie joined us in London - her first time here. It is fantastique to again see this old city through new eyes. x

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Art directors, eat your heart out.

An Austrian dinner break

Oh my! Austrian village kitsch! I've died and gone to heaven, for those of you who know me. Below, the track from the restaurant... the riders are still going....!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Night Falls.

Night falls on the race. Daniel, Dominick and Simone are busy editing the footage in to a news reel. The rain looks like it might be stopping. The racers are still racing. I'm exhausted for them.

Austria is a land of strange and beautiful creatures...

The Austrian riders on the whole, were all creatures of striking beauty. So much so I was wondering if there are some sort of genetic experiments going on in the area. I snapped portraits of them before, during and after the race.

Mid way, around 6pm, riding for 6 hours.

These photos capture the riders around 6 hours into the race as they approach the gondolas to go back up. Strain, and sometimes a strange buoyancy, is evident in their faces, and they still have the night to ride through!

One of the race's 5 or so women contestants. Yeah!

24 hours in Semmering

In Summer, Semmering's ski fields become the playground for dirt bikes. Daniel was here to film a 24 hour rally for Austrian news. The race involves the riders catching a gondola to the top of the mountain and then racing down it at break neck speed, over and over again, for 24 hours with the briefest stops for food and water. It's a feat of both physical and mental endurance, and another facet that makes me love humans all the more.

Daniel, Dominick and Simone on the sidelines, filming...

The road to Semmering

Daniel's producer Simone picked us up and after a quick wine, bread and olives, we hit the road to the mountains. We were heading to Semmerling, a sleepy mountain village 1.5 hours out of Vienna.

Cafe Hawelka

We caught the underground to Stephanplaza, and grabbed a coffee at Cafe Hawelka, the oldest and most poetic coffee house in Vienna, known for it's recently deceased owners and history of eclectic patrons.

The Imperial Butterfly House, Vienna

This is the Museum district in Vienna. The building below reminded me of Auckland's Winter Gardens, but on a much grander scale. Housed in one half was the Imperial Butterfly House, a hot, sticky jungle garden whose heart bet with the wings of hundreds of bejeweled butterflies, some the size of your hand. I marveled at the breadth of nature's imagination. It's basically about the delight of children.

Playing in the light

Again, taken at Secession Gallery. Love this method of interacting with art. Super beautiful projection media/art. Wish I could tell you who created the works.