Saturday, May 22, 2010

London Fields again

Crime gripe

Our local park - 2 shootings in two weeks and on saturday afternoons!

Mcleod's daughters take the saddle

Sarah, Emily and I jumped on a train 20min east to Epping Forest, a massive, beautiful park land. We had visions of ourselves galloping with the wind in our hair, instead it was more of a ungraceful trot. My horse continually tripped over and Em's tried to eat everything in sight (like horse, like rider). Turning up at the riding school, we were greeted with a chaotic swarm of ever decreasing in size girls with relatively sized ponies. Our courageous leader was Cindy, a vision in purple and blue. Believe you me, we're all going to feel our ride tomorrow. Such a sunny day!

Train stations with friends

My friends and theirs... on a lovely sunny day

Darlin' don't you go and cut your hair

Men's barber, Chingford. Perfect if you wish to look like you're in a boy band.

Who could resist such guard-hounds?

Home decoration, Chingford style.

London Fields

London Fields is generally lighter than this, in we were in a way playing to the camera... I look like an Eastern European immigrant! On weekends, especially sunny ones, the park is smoke filled from the little portable bbqs dotted around groups of chic-ly dressed 20 something East Londoners...

Gotham City

The boys on their way to a fancy dress party, theme: Gotham City. Ben is shooting the next Fat Boy Slim video in our flat this weekend, and as such, our kitchen has been transported to the 50s!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Getting air

Pulling shapes: frisbee in the local park. Boy tried to steal one of our bikes right in the middle of the game, leading to me yelling "have you no honour?". I think he was shamed. Shamed enough to get off the bike. (We did threaten to call the police too). Classic English day with heavy black clouds and sunshine, sirens in the background and later, ice cream and lemonade.