Saturday, April 17, 2010

Broadway Market

Everyone's favourite place to come on a Saturday morning to drink coffee, people watch and shop. It was very quiet this particular weekend, it was easter. There were blossoms blowing about on the wind though, like snow. Very pretty.

The fashion media are always out photographing people for street style websites (like facehunter).
The most beautiful flowers. Their name rhymes with "tarantula".

Polish easter, Hackney

Sarah and Sophie cooked us all a delicious traditional Polish Easter dinner. We painted our own hard boiled eggs (above) and ate heaps out in the garden.

Daniel showing everyone how it is impossible to crack an egg by holding it top and tail. We all had a go, and yes he's right. Your turn.

PS my lens is f%*ked from me dropping it in the street. Crap. I'm sad.

April babies

There has been a spate of April birthdays lately including Emily, Daniel and Ella. All of which have been celebrated in our back garden under flower. The magnolia tree is in flower now, as is the climbing yellow flowered vine, and the pale pear tree blossoms are finally unfurling.

Monday, April 5, 2010

♥♥♥ Nana Ruby ♥♥♥

Ruby red dress left us on Saturday. She was 92. I wear one of her beautiful coats and dresses frequently - a royal blue Burberry trench, and an elegant pleated black dress - both of which remind me of the young woman she once was. My father painted a portrait of them both (my Grandpop Bill) standing with their gorgeous Holden Special at the gates of their Rotoiti lake house. I have photos of Nana standing with mum at the races and a glory box full of the most exquisitely knitted children's clothes Nana made for me when i was an infant. I'm hoping to pass those on. Dad asked me to look up the London address on her birth certificate yesterday. To our surprise we realised she was born just 4 miles from where I now live. This I think may explain why I feel so at home in East London. My Nana was an East Londoner. I can't get back home to see her off and that breaks my heart. So I'll honour her from here.