Sunday, February 7, 2010

Two sisters...

I befriend two sisters on the Pier who proceed to bustle me into their car and take me to the lighthouse. They're back for the weekend to remember the old days of bringing children and husbands to the seaside. Shirley's just lost her husband and is appropriately lost, Brenda remembers an affair with a gardener. They're sad I've come during winter, but to be honest, winter suits the British coast. The light is fragile, soft and sweeping. The cold just bearable. We stand on the cliffs and look out to sea, the Downs behind us alive with rabbits. We're dressed alike, in old lady coats sourced from charity shops. Brenda's sensible socks keep her slender ankles enclosed with warmth. There's a shared glint in the eye - making friends in such places surely brings a adventurous joy to a day that was going to be spent in solitude.


  1. no wonder the sisters picked you up, they thought they had found their third sister.... hehehe

  2. Stunning. You're great at making all sorts of acquaintances.