Sunday, January 31, 2010

No Ocean...

Just a trip to the Tate Modern on the weekend, saw my favourite Picasso. Had a moment of breathlessness while meditating in front of it. Also saw some of Robert Frank's proof sheets from the negs that would go on to become his 1958 book "The Americans". So interesting to see the other photos on the roll - the one's that weren't published. Incredible. I bought an old Cosina 35mm camera from the local op shop... I'll try out a film tomorrow.

The above photo comes from a little exhibition by Michael Rakowitz that mused on Saddam Hussein's iconic relationship with Darth Vader and Star Wars... Those swords are the Victory Arch in Baghdad and have become a key place for American soldiers to have their photo taken. It would make an awesome Rap album cover. Check out this film on the exhibit... it's quite fascinating... a bit of "cultural archaeology".

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  1. Jack Kerouac's introduction to The Americans, "To Robert Frank I now give this message: You got eyes."