Friday, January 29, 2010

Honourable mentions tonight

a). clouds of surprisingly peaceful police drifting around my tube station with dogs. Almost laughingly taking a young man away arm in arm. I had to look back about 4 or 5 times.
b). the full moon and clear skies over the rooftops on my way home felt so energizing. Cold, though. There will be foxes out later.
c). I had to be Jon Bon Jovi today. As you do.
d). those streets look like stage sets under moon and lamp light.

It's the weekend.



  1. Right - you do need to explain the Jon Bon Jovi bit.
    If you check out near the moon tonight, Mars, the red star is clearer to the naked eye than it has been in years. Look south - with the sunset to your right, but it will be clearly visible all night. Untypically the skies here are cloaked with a blanket of cloud and I am pissed about it.

  2. I was writing a short script for him to read in a fan video message... so i had to channel the man! This job certainly throws some funny moments at me. It's a beautiful morning here, so should have clear skies tonight again - will look for Mars. Can't believe Cyprus is throwing clouds!