Sunday, January 31, 2010

No Ocean...

Just a trip to the Tate Modern on the weekend, saw my favourite Picasso. Had a moment of breathlessness while meditating in front of it. Also saw some of Robert Frank's proof sheets from the negs that would go on to become his 1958 book "The Americans". So interesting to see the other photos on the roll - the one's that weren't published. Incredible. I bought an old Cosina 35mm camera from the local op shop... I'll try out a film tomorrow.

The above photo comes from a little exhibition by Michael Rakowitz that mused on Saddam Hussein's iconic relationship with Darth Vader and Star Wars... Those swords are the Victory Arch in Baghdad and have become a key place for American soldiers to have their photo taken. It would make an awesome Rap album cover. Check out this film on the exhibit... it's quite fascinating... a bit of "cultural archaeology".

Friday, January 29, 2010

Honourable mentions tonight

a). clouds of surprisingly peaceful police drifting around my tube station with dogs. Almost laughingly taking a young man away arm in arm. I had to look back about 4 or 5 times.
b). the full moon and clear skies over the rooftops on my way home felt so energizing. Cold, though. There will be foxes out later.
c). I had to be Jon Bon Jovi today. As you do.
d). those streets look like stage sets under moon and lamp light.

It's the weekend.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ladies of the lake

Michelle Lai, Kingston 2010

Aside: Glimpses of Emily through party partitions

Just a bit more East London (h) art

We visited another gallery around Hoxton Square (blow me, I can't remember the name of it!) They were featuring this lovely wooden rug (above - yes made from wood!). Also, artist Momoko Suzuki was drawing the walls in a continuation of her installation/drawing pieces she completes around the world. She was just quietly getting on with it... wearing wonderful cowboy boots and showcasing serious blisters on her hands from gripping that pencil.

The street art in East London is so special. Everywhere you go there are marvelous murals and stencils to discover.

East London art tour

This was a really lovely way to spend 2-3 hours on a Sunday. East London has more little galleries and art spaces crammed into then practically anywhere else in the world. Emily's friend Claire has just started "Art Feelers" - walking art tours of East London... we got to accompany her on one of her first tours.

First stop was I-Myu, Shoreditch, where curators Eunice Eunbok Yu and Jay Jeongae Im spoke to us about their cross-cultural exhibitions that work to embody an "understanding between West and East". I loved Yuko Nasu's work that was on display there - a kind of swirling almost-portrait.

The second stop on the tour was the New Contemporaries at the A Foundation. Rebecca Heald, Director of the A Foundation, explained that the initiative asks students to submit work with no names or institutions attached. It's one of only two open exhibitions in the UK. Highly regarded artists sit on the selection panels each year.

We all loved Sam Plagerson's "Elle", 2008 - a ceramic bust of Jennifer Lopez with the arms truncated.

Third stop was to "Caveman Bill's" world - a recreation of a Yukon cave dweller's home in a shipping container in Shoreditch by artist Tom Wolseley.

Finally Emily and I took ourselves to see Damien Hirst's "No Love Lost" at the White Cube gallery in Hoxton Square. (I was unimpressed).

Saturday, January 23, 2010

two jewels i've left behind.

I'm thinking about you...

I love shitty photo effects

It's a saturday spent mucking around. I'm procrastinating from finishing a writing piece. Champagne tonight for a friend. I've become slack on this blog because work has become all encompassing...! I have so much to tell you about, though. x

Listening to the new Jay Z record.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

road stories from home

I miss these landscapes and the summer wind on road trips... but in saying that, I had a pretty spectacular day in and around Brick Lane, London. It feels like another country, or perhaps it could be the setting for an English version of the 5th Element. It tried to snow off and on ... when it succeeded it was just a magical peppering of snowflakes, one of which caught in my eyelash. The icy sidewalks are thawing... but i do think it will snow again tomorrow. I'll be prepared with my brand new hiking boots I bought myself today from Kathmandu, Liverpool Street. Em and I have an idea to do some tramping in Wales come summer. !


Jacquintathe lovely doorman at the Charlotte Street Hotel


Oh the delights of film.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

local snowfall

Touch down. I was working from home, rugged up by the radiator, thanking my lucky socks I didn't have to navigate public transport. But where is everyone? I feel like a drink.

Foel Fach, Wales