Monday, December 21, 2009

Defrosting toes and hearts

Here's the pub from the post previous, all backlit with sun and with plenty of headroom. Most pubs here are dark and small and crowded. This one is how I'd imagine a house I'd want to build. All windows, high stud and complete with the most elegantly formed bargirl you've ever seen, not to mention delicious mulled wine.

The people watching possibilities in east London are endless. The most beautiful and intriguing people frequent this area, I'm sure of it, more so then in any other. I'm not talking about beauty per se, just a whole lot of interestingness that comes through in all sorts of ways. I guess it's a multi-ethnic, creative, on it's way to being gentrified hub, not unlike Ponsonby once was.

After yesterday's sun, today surprised us by snowing heavily! Quite a different story indeed. A white christmas is approaching ...

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