Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hampton Court Palace, holiday home of Henry VIII

Welcome to my sunday. This Palace lies within Bushy Park, my sundown haunt from last weekend.

In 1528, Hampton Court palace was passed to King Henry VIII from a once favourite Cardinal who had fallen from favour. Henry VIII spent 5 of his 8 honeymoons here and the palace saw the birth of his only son by his favourite wife, Jane Seymour who was to die 2 weeks later.

Henry VIII was followed by his children Edward and Mary, and finally Elizabeth I.

William III wanted this palace to rival Versailles. Having never been to Versailles, I can only compare it to Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette... and although this place is decidedly beautiful, it is nowhere near as opulent. But... I adored the high ceilings and elongated windows. The light was magical.

Exquisite tapestries...

A ghost...

A painting of the Palace grounds.

If only this was the decoration on my bedroom wall...

A miraculous floating Yew bush.


  1. versailles is SO opulent it makes you want to throw up.
    like a sickly sweet overdecorated marzipan cake.
    it`s an ode to overindulgence.
    (the gardens are okay:)
    this place looks much cooler, to be honest.
    i love the fingernails jess..

  2. Thanks for sharing all that hon... a visual feast.