Sunday, October 4, 2009

A girl and her dog, Southend Beach, Essex.

These photographs remind me of an old children's book I used to own called "where do souls go? To this beach obviously. Can you see the light changing?


  1. I remember that book, and I think you still have it somewhere packed away.

  2. these shots actually made me cry Jessica, because you can see they love each other so much those two. and you've captured them so beautifully forever like that, on that beach. i hope their souls go back there when they're nothing left but souls, to play together on that rocky shoreline.

    (i also cried a little bit because i miss my dogs
    and still won't see them for another 25 days or maybe more)

  3. It looks like a beautiful film xx

  4. Isn't is so beautiful Alan? She and her dog were just so sweet together... And Kina... where in the world are you now?

  5. these are so lovely
    kit x

  6. still canada. leave on the 20th. am in england for one day and then go under the ocean and hopefully come out the other side. big trip home on the 27th (travelling back for a day and a half..!"cheap" flight via canada) and working probably the day after i get back..!
    i won't know where or who i am by that point..
    but as long as i can fetch lunch i should be okay.

  7. How beautiful... melancholic and full of love at the same time... the light does make them look like souls, and then there's something of a Selkie in the little girl. such a gift that you were able to see this and let us see it, too xx

  8. hi, have just finished a tune called The Beach and the Boat, and would love to use this image for the cover... would that be ok, if not thats cool too :)

    you can listen to the tune on myspace.

    thanks for you time and images.

    Matthew Robert Cooling-Stones.