Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Birthday blooms

My birthday blossoms. SO beautiful, thank you Sam. I had to travel with them from work to Kingston on the tube and train. People were just as in love with these pretty flowers as I was... I actually saw several women nudge their partners and point and there was a definite trail of whispered words in my wake. At one point on the tube, two girls got on and were transfixed by them enough to ask me if it was my birthday, yes, who had sent them and from where. These flowers caused all that magic. I'm not exaggerating. x


  1. who took the photo of you ? taking the photo

  2. aww jessica. that's so lovely. as soon as i saw them on yr flickr i knew sam must've sent them, cos of the rhodedendrons...
    and sure enough..!
    and mum,
    i think your talented daughter probably took that photo herself.
    self timer.
    ps. i'm in london today! (it's grey, surprise.)
    but leaving on the eurostar at five, so off to the cemetery now....
    hope you had a wonderful birthday.
    are you 29 now? or twenty eight?

  3. You betcha. I've come to realise I've spent my life not working the legs. Time to work the legs. I'm 29, feeling fine. Kind of anyway.

  4. jessica.
    they are like eight feet long and sexy as.
    i wouldn`t worry if i were you.
    ps. why kind of? you should email me if you ever have a moment free (and the inclination to:)..
    pps. I LOVE PARIS!! (i had forgotten..) i wish i could stay SO MUCH longer.. but my dogs and cats (and rabbit) won`t have a place to live if i don`t go home soon and work, so.
    i hope london is treating you kindly, lovely girl.