Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hampton Court Palace, holiday home of Henry VIII

Welcome to my sunday. This Palace lies within Bushy Park, my sundown haunt from last weekend.

In 1528, Hampton Court palace was passed to King Henry VIII from a once favourite Cardinal who had fallen from favour. Henry VIII spent 5 of his 8 honeymoons here and the palace saw the birth of his only son by his favourite wife, Jane Seymour who was to die 2 weeks later.

Henry VIII was followed by his children Edward and Mary, and finally Elizabeth I.

William III wanted this palace to rival Versailles. Having never been to Versailles, I can only compare it to Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette... and although this place is decidedly beautiful, it is nowhere near as opulent. But... I adored the high ceilings and elongated windows. The light was magical.

Exquisite tapestries...

A ghost...

A painting of the Palace grounds.

If only this was the decoration on my bedroom wall...

A miraculous floating Yew bush.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

News roundup

I can't believe this actually happened?

"In Brazil, a politician and TV presenter who went on the run after police charged him with ordering real-life killings in order to generate stores for his Crimewatch-style show has surrendered to the authorities."

I had to laugh at this one:

"A group of Somali pirates got a nasty surprise when the defenseless cargo vessel they had identified as a potential prize turned out to be a heavily armed French Naval vessel (Indian Ocean)."

Both excerpts from "The Week". Read about Brazilian TV presenter Wallace Souza here.


At age 19, my step-niece has made the cover of Poetry NZ. Incredible. She is already a well-published author and poet, yet only in her first year of university. I'm in awe of her focus and passion x very inspirational!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Birthday blooms

My birthday blossoms. SO beautiful, thank you Sam. I had to travel with them from work to Kingston on the tube and train. People were just as in love with these pretty flowers as I was... I actually saw several women nudge their partners and point and there was a definite trail of whispered words in my wake. At one point on the tube, two girls got on and were transfixed by them enough to ask me if it was my birthday, yes, who had sent them and from where. These flowers caused all that magic. I'm not exaggerating. x

Friday, October 16, 2009

Citizen Michelle

The grand old dame that is bonny England has opened her arms wide and pulled Michelle tightly against her plump bosom. Congratulations to our new citizens! I like the way the mayor talked of an English identity formed from the many historical movements of peoples to the isles. I also had my pic taken with the mayor and his helper - in full regalia no less.

Tracy and Samantha, by Jody.