Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's raining.

I'm was wet, cold and bronchial... now I'm dry, snug in bed and still bronchial. Sniffing, wheezing, coughing - generally miserable. I haven't been sick in almost 6 months! Until now. I think I'm a creature of a warm, dry climate, with no work stress and lots of sleep. Hmmmm I really am missing my magic Cyprus... especially Shannon, Costas and Myrna and Stefanos, Stella, Veronica, Delores, Debbie Harry and Yianna. Sigh. And my sweet little bookstore! Ruth! Alex!

Sam and I stood in the rain, getting soaked through, waiting for a bus that never came tonight. Today was typically English. Cold, drizzly and grey. I would of quite enjoyed it had I not been sick. (Doc's appointment tomorrow mumcha - I'm on it).

Sam went to the British Museum today while I was at work to see the Egyptian Mummies - he also saw film director Wes Anderson roaming around in his trademark beige suit and shaggy hair! I wonder what movies he's dreaming up?

I'm currently waiting on Tracy to go into labour. I'm very excited. It's going to be any day now! Go Tracy go! xxxx


  1. I love all these stories and photo's you've just posted, for me a real sense of time and place. Hope your cold is on the way out...get Sam to make you some pumpkin soup xx

  2. Armadou & Mariam thanks beautiful x