Monday, September 28, 2009

The Haunting of Blickling House

Legend has it that on the 19th of May every year, Anne Boleyn’s headless ghost is driven up Blickling Hall’s main driveway in a carriage pulled by ghostly horses. On the same night, the ghost of her father is pursued by demons across 40 Norfolk bridges, all which he must cross between the hours of midnight and cock crow.

East Anglia is legend rich, and indeed, the pagan beliefs of the English still surface today - in today’s paper, there were reports of a huge, dark cat - a “panther” stalking domestic cats and tearing them apart in Southwest London. Horrified neighbours talk of seeing the huge padding shape of a beastly cat in the night shadows. It's akin to the demon dogs of English mythology (see the beast of Bodmin Moor).

Anyway, we visited Blickling Hall on Sunday, Sam and I and his father’s good friend Richard, (who has the loveliest smile - we were so well looked after). This was Anne Boleyn’s childhood home and it’s well over 600 years old. The gardens were beautiful in the late afternoon light. We had cream tea near their yew hedge, found the secret garden and wandered the paths at closing time.

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  1. dear girl. am totally loving all your holiday pics. especially all the ones of you by sam (at the spitfires.. amazing, so photogenic:)and the ones of sam looking like a big monster(!) and the one of the cyclamens above, is just beyond.. anything.
    looks like an idyllic autumn in england. canada has a very crisp chill to it at present. feels like it might snow...
    it won't tho, just to spite me :) (and also to allow the squirrels more time to stock up.)
    well. such is life.