Sunday, September 27, 2009

Goodwood Revival, Chichester

Here you go, the rest of the photos from the Goodwood revival last weekend in Chichester. Super day! Everyone got dressed up.. so for example, all the press photographers were in English tweeds roaming around. Buzz Aldrin was there, Mark Knopfler was racing, Stirling Moss was honoured by the crowds. Highlights were the mini race and the Vulcan Bomber flying overhead. Lots of pics of me courtesy of Mr. Peacocke. Got to say the English summer is still holding on!

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  1. chichester! i know this place well. my mum grew up in havant in hampshire just down the road. my aunt lives in chichester still. you guys should def go to havant. theres a little town joined to it called emsworth and a wicked long sea bridge that you can walk to between the towns. i spent all my summer there when i was a yoot. probably easier if i just show you actually... sigh!