Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The word on the street...

The bar/cafe across the road from the bookshop sets a rather Lynchian scene. The word on the street is that the woman that runs it during the day (pictured) cleans every single plastic leaf in the place meticulously. She's a gem. She very kindly let me take photographs while I was picking up our coffee order. I would love to visit this place at night when it's full to the chops with working men.

"'... It is a little, shy wine like a gazelle.'
'Like a leprechaun.'
'Dappled, in a tapestry meadow.'
'Like a flute by still water.'
'...And this is a wise old wine'.
'A prophet in a cave'.
'... And this is a necklace of pearls on a white neck'.
'Like a swan.'
'Like the last unicorn.'" a conversation they will probably not be having. Well, you never know.

1 comment:

  1. Jess when i was a kid, i loved 'the last unicorn' more than anything, even sesame street. even tho it made me cry so hard, even tho the big red bull/s(?) gave me nightmares, i watched it over and over.
    and when would leave the house i would look in all the sneaky places around the neighbourhood in case any unicorns were hiding out, needing to be rescued.. i still do occasionally.
    nice adaptation.
    ps. i need a bar like that in NU ZILD (with the capacity to have quite a lot of light streaming in). know any??