Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stranger than paradise

My last night in Cyprus. We went up to the rooftop of the Holiday Inn overlooking the old city. This is considered a rather chichi spot - at eleven pm, the place fills with Latin American music and people take to the dance floor. So wonderful to watch! You certainly can't judge a book by it's cover here. One 14 year old boy, slightly pudgy, was a salsa maestro with a stream of beautiful women in his arms.

After the dancing, Stef and I had one more adventure. We went to a bar on a hill overlooking Nicosia for one last drink. The bar "Stranger than Paradise" is built into an old cave in the side of the hill. I can't believe I'm introduced to this place on my last night... we watched the city lights, the Turkish "f&^k you" flag, the darkness of the green zone, kids drinking, old graves and listened to live music from a good looking band. Suitably magical in every way.

The next day I very emotionally got taken to the airport. bye bye warm air and kind hearts...

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  1. I didn't know the flag was lit up at night.... b..tards!