Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Star nights, starlights, star bright.

At 3am the air smelt like hotcakes. I saw strange little creatures disappear into the undergrowth, briefly illuminated by the car's headlights. I wonder what they were? They were both bird-like. One could of been an owl. The other I have no idea... a long necked partridge? Once I finally found a place to park up in the mountains and laid out my deck chair, I was startled by eerie little rock falls making noises in the dark, and boy racers speeding through distant valleys. I saw about 4 or 5 shooting stars sweeping across the sky leaving trails that faded quickly. The gibbous moon was casting enough light to be troublesome... I spent the first hour trying to lose the light and mountain clouds. Gnarled old olive trees and various flora passing by quickly on my drive up through narrow winding roads. It was good thinking ground. And cool, around 20 degrees. I had to put my shirt on! Most of these pics have me in them because I get bored easily of photos with nobody in them. And since it was only me up there, you get me. And the stars, and my little corner of the mountain.

It's 5am, good night.


  1. and your camera seems to be working again.....

  2. I wish you'd been there too. It would have been fantastic... bottle of red... this is Costas' camera. I borrowed for the evening. But - good news! My camera has been repaired and it only cost 50 euros! Picking it up tomorrow...

  3. oh Jess.
    these photos of you and the driving ones below are incredible (as always). i especially love the last one, with the gnarled tree.
    you look like a faerie, which is about the highest compliment i give anyone..!
    your evening sounds so idyllic.
    you would love it out here in kk.
    hopefully one day..
    ps. glad to hear about the camera!