Friday, August 7, 2009

Rain showers, blistering heat.

We are in a village that hugs the lower slopes of a mountain range. It is stifling hot. I mean really hot. I was in the sea at dawn, and again at 11am, but had to leave the coast because I was feeling parched and delicate and headachy. Perhaps it was the sting of a jellyfish, or heat stroke, or the lack of sleep from the documentary festival the night before, but I was feeling pretty brittle. The feeling hung on once we reached the pretty houses of Omodos. I sat and drunk my frappe, tried to steal Stef's book from him, gave up. Roamed the rooftop of the building, peered through the leaves on the trees below. Tried to photograph a group of priests striding though the village on their way to the monastery but failed at that also. The heat was getting near suffocating. The sky was equally dramatic by now, solid gray, white light. Thunder and lightening. We're watching the skies in curiosity. Rain? I haven't seen rain for months... and then it, well, rained. People surprisingly settle indoors. Not us though, we're running through the little winding streets, letting the rain soak us through. I see secret gardens behind gates, faces at windows staring skyward. The water runs in miniture rivers down, I'm noticing lines in the paths that give the torrents of water direction and shape. How clever, I thought.... Not sure I would of given those lines a second thought had it not been pouring. God the rain feels good. It's over, 15, 20 minutes later. It's hot again, but the tension has been released. It's pleasant and I'm cool.

When I look at the quiet stillness of this monastery corner, I'm inspired to breathe deeply.

A hint of the mountains beyond the village borders. If you look closely.

My camera is not working. I'm worried. Maybe the battery has died? PS i've updated the Alice Cooper pics from last month if you're interested... boys with bandanas. I'll let you know if the camera is working in the morning, if it's not, I'm sure you will hear me howling. AND I've got some magical ones on it waiting to be downloaded. From a little David Lynch cafe... your new dream bar, I'm sure.


  1. man, that is so well written Jess..!!
    i love it.
    cute boy.
    i read his article bout the evening ladies, it was real good. engaging.

  2. ps. is your camera okay??
    cameras do really annoying stuff when the battery is dying. hopefully that's all, eh? cos there'd be A LOT of miserable blog readers if it wasn't..