Saturday, August 1, 2009

Owls of the world: Nashville owls!

Photo: Matt and Kelly, Nashville, Tennessee

Dear Readers,
I'm starting a section of this blog called "Owls of the World" and I invite you all to send in your photographs of the owls in your localities. So far we've had a reader represent NZ, I managed to find a couple of Cypriot owls and now another dear reader has sent in a lovely photo of her local owl, a Nashville Barred Owl. Now representatives from Santa Monica, London, Paris and Berlin need to step up and represent....!

Thank you for your time :)



    I want one of these!

  2. holy heck, mississippi john!!!
    holy heck.
    where round these parts would you find one of them curious birds??
    slap my winklepickers and call me sally, i must say, i am equally compelled and repelled by that owl..

  3. actually, after watching a few more times i am only compelled. awww. what a sweet bird..
    good find.

  4. I want one too! It's like a Jim Henson creation! AWWWWWw It's so funny, almost robotic.