Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lambing time in NZ musicland.

Three people dear to me have all released brilliant albums in the past two months. Kit and Kelly to come... Here they are:

Shayne Carter - Dimmer - Degrees of Existence.

My photo

Video by Dimmer's drummer Gary Sullivan and Dylan Pharazyn


James Duncan - Hello-Fi

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Video by Joe Jowitt for Headspread Media


Simon Comber - Endearance (best made-up word ever)

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Video by the talented bubbling spring that is Kina Sai


  1. LOL
    ha thanks Jess.
    i love your photos. esp. the one of shane carter.
    it's so delicate.

    ps. oh dear, i've done something really stupid to my hair..
    might post something later but the pic is actually quite cute so won't help you know the true horror.
    it's gonna be years....

  2. okay. check the log of shame.