Saturday, August 22, 2009

First glimpses of a late summer London....

Good old British Airways, efficient, so friendly, cute accents... We flew over London city as the evening light crafted the buildings below into film-perfect scenes... I could of mistaken the lazy way the plane cruised over all the most interesting and instantly recognisable London sights for being on a pleasure flight. Border patrol represented to the max- again kind smiles and welcomes (so unlike the States) and Heathrow terminal 5 was elegant and easy. Jumped on the picadilly line and sailed into the heart of the great city. Only had to change once... 3 flights of stairs with my bags - no problem, before I found myself outside my new flat (well for a week at least) pressing the buzzer. Jacqui is as breezy and beautiful as ever - she treated me to a couple of glasses of sav at a nearby bar - the Charlotte Hotel? Apparently last time she was here, there were a cloud of paps awaiting a celeb outside the main door. And who floated out? Rachel Hunter! Hahaha. I slept beautifully after that. This morning I had my first flat white in 5 months! And poached eggs on toast! oh lovely! And checked out the new offices! Fun! Got a BBQ with Emily and Daniel this afternoon, and Mark DCL is in town for the night playing in Shoreditch - so we'll go and hang out with him later. PHEW!

The views from the flat... there are 4 op shops in this one block! ARRRGGGHHHH after such a dearth of them in Cyprus.... too bad I've already got waaay too many clothes.

Jacqui and Tom's little brand new cutie pie - Polly! She's a wee-er!

I've always got owls to watch over me...

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