Thursday, August 13, 2009


A bookshop in Northern Cyprus, that is really an echo of the one we have here in the south, was set alight on Monday night by Turkish nationalists who we think were against the thoughtful space that was created by the woman who owned it.

When the border opened, booksellers from the North came across to buy books and speak to booksellers in the south. One Turkish Cypriot woman crossed the first week, found Ruth, spoke perfect Greek and a beautiful friendship started. Intercommunal relationships like these are somewhat rare here. Bookstores tend to be quite libral, open places where people come to learn, create dialogues etc. Very sadly, Nahide's bookshop, a place where, artists, poets, philosophers and thinkers would gather, was burned to the ground. She lost the entire shop in the blaze.

I haven't had unsettling dreams for months but the other night my sleep was disrupted by dreams of being caught in cross-fires.


  1. really sorry to hear that. i have a soft spot for bookshops where philosophers artists and poets gather. .
    and about the unsettling dream issue.
    ps. we had strangely parallel posts today Jessica!!