Monday, August 3, 2009

"Driving Miss Jessie"


  1. i can't even begin to say, Jess. that photo of you...
    words are feeble and pathetic compared to the truth of that photo.
    it struck straight to my chest and my heart imploded.
    it's life. and you're grabbing hold of it and eating it like grapes and i admire you so much for that.
    i always will remember you there now, driving down that road, fearless and beautiful and living life as large as you can.

  2. You say the WILDEST/LOVELIEST things Kina Sai. Fearless and beautiful and as flawed and as feeble as the rest... the odd searing moments of explorer fun are good though. Soon you'll be having your own bit of exploring and I look forward to your pics... you clever little music video maker you! Simon is so rapt!