Monday, August 31, 2009

Bank holiday monday...

...and the sun is shining. Not a single chill in the air. Hyde park is quiet because the Notting Hill Carnival is on. I get to walk barefoot along the lake. We walk from Goodge street to Harrods, stopping to pop into the V&A for a quick look at their Fantasy and Fear in Contemporary Design exhibit - I see a boat bath my father would love. In Harrods Jacqui and I grab a cream scone and tea, but I have to say, the Puhoi teahouse Devonshire tea kick's Harrods well rounded bottom in this area. We pick up a child's dress - 500 pounds. I feel like starting a riot.

Lunch at the Serpentine Cafe.

Twilight dolls
The red-head in the tube.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

more visions

Chicken bones on the street
Visions of Ghana in Dalston
cans of cider in night parks
Tahitian and half Dutch ladies nights
boys with sharp hair cuts, girls in suspenders
16 yo Cosplay characters heckling a well-to-do wedding party in Trafalgar Square
It's all a little bit cold, sunny, frantic.
To be honest, I haven't had my camera out.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

saturday night in London

Saturday afternoon Emily and I found each other again! (will write about it soon - so tired!) (BBQs, Fleetwood Mac, MdCL, dance dance, summer).

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Just helped the old lady who lives two stories above with her shopping trolley... and where is she from? Cyprus.

First glimpses of a late summer London....

Good old British Airways, efficient, so friendly, cute accents... We flew over London city as the evening light crafted the buildings below into film-perfect scenes... I could of mistaken the lazy way the plane cruised over all the most interesting and instantly recognisable London sights for being on a pleasure flight. Border patrol represented to the max- again kind smiles and welcomes (so unlike the States) and Heathrow terminal 5 was elegant and easy. Jumped on the picadilly line and sailed into the heart of the great city. Only had to change once... 3 flights of stairs with my bags - no problem, before I found myself outside my new flat (well for a week at least) pressing the buzzer. Jacqui is as breezy and beautiful as ever - she treated me to a couple of glasses of sav at a nearby bar - the Charlotte Hotel? Apparently last time she was here, there were a cloud of paps awaiting a celeb outside the main door. And who floated out? Rachel Hunter! Hahaha. I slept beautifully after that. This morning I had my first flat white in 5 months! And poached eggs on toast! oh lovely! And checked out the new offices! Fun! Got a BBQ with Emily and Daniel this afternoon, and Mark DCL is in town for the night playing in Shoreditch - so we'll go and hang out with him later. PHEW!

The views from the flat... there are 4 op shops in this one block! ARRRGGGHHHH after such a dearth of them in Cyprus.... too bad I've already got waaay too many clothes.

Jacqui and Tom's little brand new cutie pie - Polly! She's a wee-er!

I've always got owls to watch over me...

Stranger than paradise

My last night in Cyprus. We went up to the rooftop of the Holiday Inn overlooking the old city. This is considered a rather chichi spot - at eleven pm, the place fills with Latin American music and people take to the dance floor. So wonderful to watch! You certainly can't judge a book by it's cover here. One 14 year old boy, slightly pudgy, was a salsa maestro with a stream of beautiful women in his arms.

After the dancing, Stef and I had one more adventure. We went to a bar on a hill overlooking Nicosia for one last drink. The bar "Stranger than Paradise" is built into an old cave in the side of the hill. I can't believe I'm introduced to this place on my last night... we watched the city lights, the Turkish "f&^k you" flag, the darkness of the green zone, kids drinking, old graves and listened to live music from a good looking band. Suitably magical in every way.

The next day I very emotionally got taken to the airport. bye bye warm air and kind hearts...


I very emotionally left Cyprus yesterday... I hate leaving all my lovely friends here... that's the downside to staying somewhere for 4 months - long enough to make lasting, beautiful relationships with people but then leaving again so soon. Hopefully I'll go back to continue the adventures... there is so more to be had! The last few days were spent packing/tying up loose ends. It was slightly strange as my beloved aunty has been in England for the past month so I couldn't properly say goodbye to her ... of course I will be seeing her tomorrow as Costas, Shazzer and Panos and Michelle are all in London this weekend. So family lunch tomorrow :)
Oh, Myrna. MISS YOU!

Monday, August 17, 2009

This image sums up where my head's at.

Illustration by Sarah Larnach. I fricken her work.

The dirty rich.

Me and my home girl Myrna, pretending to be rich. We're at a floozy little beach bar place in Larnaca, apparently run by Cyprus's answer to the mafia. No kidding, apparently the guy that owns this place was shot by the competition, but survived. The competition were then taken out of the picture. By who? Who knows. One can guess. Businesses like this make the money clean.