Sunday, July 19, 2009

Welcome to Hell.

Have any of you watched The Wire? Well, in season three, police working the drug corners in West Baltimore hatch a plan to clear these corners by shifting all drug runners and sellers into a "free zone" where they can go about their business without harassment from the law. Although hugely beneficial for the community at large, the vacant lots and derelict corners the street drug trade is pushed into become places of living misery for those caught in the cycle. Well, welcome to Ayia Napa's club district. Something similar is going on here. The same sense of rot crammed into a small place.

Everyone seems to be sweating, their flesh straining to be released, ruddy cheeks, black hole eyes. The crowds on the street are made up of English, Russians, club crawlers, propositions and worst of all, parents with young kids who should know better than to bring their kids out on their drink and drug binges. I actually saw two little girls, ages 5 and 7, dancing in a cage in a club while their father looked on proudly. Now, I don't know about you, but I find this deeply unsettling. I guess it is kind of a college student's mediterranean Las Vegas of sorts. Same kitsch, same sell - sex, highs, drunken intimacies.

I'm painting it rather bleakly I know, I mean the kids do seem to have fun, I suppose. It's just not my cup of tea.

Definitely recommended for people watching though, just mind where you step.

It's all about theme nightclubs... Titanic, Jurassic Park, The Flintstones...


  1. So sad! I can't think of anything else to say. Except maybe - ew.

  2. Never been tempted to 'sink' a few at Titanic Bar?

  3. Like your commenting style wordsmith! xxx

  4. oh decadent excess. looks like everyone except those hula girls have had a few too many hefty lamb dinners...
    sorry. that's mean.

  5. ps. hey Jess, i once did a pen and ink drawing for my friend Reston the dear fathead Griffiths.
    it's vastly different to this scene.
    it is of a derelict crumbling stone house filled with weeds with a stream running through the centre and a wooden sign saying, guess what?
    "welcome to hell"
    the subconscious mind is a marvellous place.

  6. Many of the young women here looked like they had too many lamb dinners for sure! Too much drinking, not enough exercise I reckon.

  7. I remember. It was called hamsterdam. Best TV show ever.

  8. Hamsterdam. That's the one. Finished the last episode two days ago. Brilliant. Now what am I do?

  9. dizzee got stabbed in ayia napa. nuff said

  10. No shit. Is this really a place for quality garage/rave/club music Kit? Really? Is that why it's famous? Or is it the bar culture...?

  11. its massive for raves and garage. the sorry state that is half of british youth culture have taken it as the new ibiza. that said id love to play there. the sorry state that is british youth culture raves hard!

  12. Well of course if you and Marie were playing it would be an entirely different story. I would then OWN this place. Are you sure you can't make it over within the next two weeks?