Thursday, July 2, 2009

I've been putting this off...

...because I just don't know how to write about something so immense, so powerful, so tragic. What would be worse is to not even try.

One of the most culturally important sectors of the city is the Jewish quarter, a quietly beautiful neighbourhood with an often agonizing history. When writing on Prague one cannot, must not, fail to mention the fate that befall the majority of the city’s Jews during WWII when two thirds of the city’s Jews perished in the Holocaust. Perhaps most symbolic of their ongoing persecution, is the Jewish graveyard at the heart of the quarter where there may be as many as 100,000 people buried on a small, now raised, piece of land. Over the centuries they were not allowed to have land any larger than this to bury their dead on. Thus, only 12,000 headstones exist to pay homage to those that are buried here.


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  2. my last comment sounded SO revoltingly stupid tacked on to the end of such a meaningful post as this, i deleted it! really do want to see this cemetery tho.. so much. it's terrible the jews were so marginalized even after death.

    ps. Jess! you'd maybe like neutral milk hotel then because jeff mangum wrote one entire album devoted to anne frank and how he wished he could have saved her in a time machine..?
    sorry, i try it on eeryone..!
    (my v has a peppercorn under it. it's really annoying for words like hae loe and sae)