Thursday, July 2, 2009

Forgive me, I'm still on Skoda-time...

RACING SKODAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These creatures really do symbolically represent all that is beautiful and good in the world.

Look this one even has a spoiler! It must be loved SO much.

"The Škoda 105/120 was imported into New Zealand in the late 1970s and proved to be an affordable, popular and robust 'no-frills' vehicle, comparing well against equivalent English imports. There was a political scandal though in the early 1980s when it was reported that a batch of imported Škodas were made with Czech prison labor (such imports are forbidden under New Zealand law), but the importation was allowed to continue when it was determined that the importer knew nothing about this aspect of the vehicles construction. Note: This car also got a political reputation in 1984, when an ousted National Party MP derisively referred to his victor (who was the candidate for the Social Credit Party) as a member of "the Crimpoline suit and Škoda brigade"." - Wikipedia


  1. and one could get a full size double bass in the back.. We know cause we did it... remember Jess?

  2. Oh boy, do I remember!
    The skoda rocked our world in so many ways... well done you on your amazing buying skills... hehehe

  3. I bags the silver grey one rear end showing on the cobblestones

  4. that was the colour of our one Alan....!