Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The closest thing we have to a zoo!

It's a big pet shop. Where you can buy chipmunks! Hmmm

Or a little raccoon...

It's way too hot for these guys now...

There was a parrot that could string whole sentences together in Greek... when it wasn't mimicking the peacocks.

Pomegranates ripening on a tree...

Owls! Glorious owls!


  1. Ahhhhhh! Can you buy a Chipmunk? Bring a breeding pair back to NZ to establish a plague of Chipmunks scurrying across central Canterbury.....

  2. Gorgeous shots again Jesty!!!! Is that all on your nifty 50?

  3. I'll have a raccoon, couple of chipmunks and some owls please....

  4. Consider your orders taken. I'm sure there will be some Cypriots who will have no problem organising me some illegal shipping that can bust through NZ's heavily policed biological boundary. Yep that's the nifty 50! There was another owl... I should put a pic up of him. He almost has a human face - it was incredible.

  5. *sigh...*
    i miss chipmunks.
    i used to feed them in canada until one greedy one launched himself off a woodpile at me, mouth open, onto my hand. hard.
    they are mean bastards and i wouldn't fancy meeting one on a dark night on the plains...
    ps. f%$#in' love that lens...

  6. by the way Jess. forgot to say that i hear the ruru in my yard every night but have never seen one yet!! sammidge has, and my neighbour john turned around in the bush one full moon to find a mr birdface still as a statue, staring him full in the face; and didn't move an inch, neither of them, for many minutes.
    (...that has to be one of the most incomplete crappo sentences i have ever conceived, hope you got the gist...!!!)
    ps. you are incredibly skilled at getting amazing candid shots of animals. i think you're awesome Jess. been having a yen to go to the zoo of late... (haven't been since summer) will post if i make it there. one good thing about the zoo is you can go alone (if you are a socially inept reject) and nobody looks at you like you're a dick.. animals don't care about stuff like that..

  7. Oh go to the zoo Kina - it makes you so happy! Make Sam take you! That's incredible about your garden Rurus... I've tried for years to see them in NZ but never been that successful. I was thinking about joining a bird watching club so I can go find owls... I mean I could do it on my own but hanging with some old fellas behind bushes sounds like fun. Actually that just sounds strange. Anyway apparently there are city owls and country owls and I really want to see them. xxxx

  8. LOL re: old men and shrubbery. do it!!!
    and i promise when you are back in nu zild if you want we can creep around in the bushes out here searching unsuccessfully for the wee ru's. i would love that:)
    oh ps, my ol'sam don't go to de' zoo. :(
    if i want to go to de zoo i must go on me own nowadays..
    i don't care. i'm a grown up.

  9. No I meant Sam Peacocke! He loves going to the zoo! When he finishes his film... you two should go and take loads of photos for me... apparently there are baby otters!

  10. oh jess! so sweet of you.. but i would never ask sam p. to go to the zoo with me cos it would make him sad i think..
    but truly, lil' baby otters??

  11. Hey Kina and Jess, I got to see a Ruru up around Mt Arthur on a tramp. We had stopped for the night, just on dusk and I went to sit by the river. There, less then 6 feet away was this owl checking me out, at about face level, it was magic and we share about 15 minutes together, tiny little birds.. just lovely