Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Alice Cooper live in Limassol

There were some complimentary tickets to ALice Cooper available via the paper and I was lucky enough to get one! International acts are somewhat rare here, the last performers being James Blunt (run screaming) and Bryan Adams (I could do Bryan). Oh yes and Whitesnake. The Greeks tend to be really big on their Metal. But boy was I unprepared for the sheer gorgeousness of the young men who came streaming out of their bus on its arrival at the events centre. I had stupidly STUPIDLY not taken my camera as I thought "won't be able to take it in etc". Of course I could of. Not to photograph Alice, but these young men in their precisely ripped jeans, bare chests, leather jerkins and denim jackets, liberally covered in patches. Some were even wearing bandanas over their long curly hair. It was like a Bruce Weber shoot from the 80s... I did not know that young people still dressed like this. If i can find you some reference pics to illustrate this delightful sight I will. The whole look is just so homoerotic! (Which is what was so interesting about that whole glam rock movement I suppose).

all pics Stef/Jess

Other highlights included Alice stabbing a doll through the heart, the blood covered interpretive dancer that was the "child's" mother (played by his daughter Callico) getting him straitjacketed and strung up in a hangman's noose. Good clean entertainment. The crowd was very calm and when a ruckus did start up, was extremely efficient at policing itself. There were a few pink, older English tourists who looked out of place, but whom knew all the words (original fans? respect.) I needed this.


  1. you are so awesome jessica.

  2. ive seen interviews with him and hes supremely intelligent and super kindly