Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Russian architecture

Possibly the ugliest building in all of disney-like Karlovy Vary was a gift from the Russians. On the other hand, I must say the interior was fabulous.

The food matched the exterior - possibly the very worst meal any of us has ever had. My battered fish had bacon in it. A fact I discovered several mouthfuls into it. The fish was of the frozen variety - Shannon's chicken was so hard she could of killed someone with it. Oh boy.

See another example of the brutal soviet architecture the Machonin husband and wife team gave birth to here. You kind of have to love them even more for it.


  1. Yukky, yukky dinner.
    What is the shining yellow thing on the table?

  2. What are those yellow things? Those yellow things are glorious examples of 70s light design. They look like great bull's testicles hanging heavily above the tables. To be honest it's like getting to know intimately the globules inside a lava lamp.

  3. PS i can't actually look at this post again. That picture of Shannon's meal makes me feel physically unwell. I don't dare try and picture what mine looked like. It would be the beginning of the end.

  4. i love the decor..
    sorry about the dinner. we had one like that in spain which i won't elaborate on.
    on a side note, did you know, i have a jar of formalin which contains six human sized testicles (from great danes.. lol:)...
    they are AMAZING to look at.
    yes jess, it's time you knew what kind of sicko friend you have...