Thursday, June 18, 2009

Messin' about on the Prague Metro...

Rapid transit systems rule ok. It costs about 26CZK for 75 min of travel. Or, 100CZK for 24hrs worth of travel cross various platforms, including the trams. 26CZK is about 1 euro. On another note, the Czechs seem like very polite people. Which is nice. This was a very interesting post, but I couldn't help myself. I love underground trains. The rush of warm air that pre-warns an approaching train, the endless escalators. Another wonderful photographic assignment would be "Metro driver's faces as their train approaches the station". Anyone want to fund me?

P.S. Happy birthday Paul McCartney.

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    hey you know that lovely rush of air? well in london before when they still had some wooden escalators and people smoked everywhere, there was a little fire inside one of the up escalators from somebody dropping a match after lighting their fag, and it was kind of a controllable fire but then it started going up the stairs quite a lot but they still could have put it out BUT THEN the train came in with a rush of warm air, AND THEN, almost everybody got pretty much mostly incinerated...
    lovely story, huh?
    sorry Jess, what i've meant to say several times in the past - i love your jacket.
    it's awes. like tomato sauce.