Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Eating out.

Not the most attractive photo I know, but the food was lovely.  At the Syrian restaurant with Shannon, Rhay, Costas and Christine.  No Clancy, I'm not smoking - it's one of those fruity Alice in Wonderland pipes they smoke after a meal... 


  1. hey if kina sai say so you are in deep sh.t!
    MUM :)

  2. It's cultural - it would be rude not too!!!!!!! (ha ha)

  3. hey kina sai, I follow everything you say, hehehe, so don't be sorry, it means we are both looking out for that girl..... JESSICA now you listen to me.........

  4. it is an attractive photograph by the way, and also, it's like you're being a dragon!
    i like it.
    and plus, (for Clancy: the tobacco is burning at a lower temperature and filtered through water so) it's MUCH less harmful than cigarettes..

  5. but you shouldn't follow what i say too closely...