Friday, May 1, 2009

Welcome Emily! (meeting friends)

My dear, dear friend Emily has arrived from London! Friends from the time we were 10, but finding it hard to catch up with any frequency in the past few years, Em's joyful arrival at Larnaca was a time for a whole bunch of yahooing and strange spontaneous dance moves in front of strangers. 

She's making a huge effort to lose the London gloom from her skin by the pool... which is all we did on her first day here.  The girl deserves a holiday!  We've already had some grand belly-laughs at old adventures from when we were at boarding school together - getting up to all sorts of private school girl mischief (as you do).   

The next night Em and I hit the town for the first time.  I've made some friends!  I've recently met a wonderful, bright young woman named Veronica who is working in advertising here.  She very kindly took Em and I out to a pub (that looked liked a Christchurch student flat of all things) for a drink or two with several of her friends (below).  

1 comment:

  1. yay, go spontaneous embarrassing dance moves in front of strangers. i feel i may have missed out on something wonderful not having been to a school only populated by mischief loving saucy ladies such as yourselves...
    there were BOYS at my school and it was very distracting. i think my education and spontaneous dance moves suffered...
    i love the pic where the ladies are moving but the perrier's are still.
    : )