Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sham food: cute car

Just a couple of pics from a stroll through old town, Nicosia. As i write this, Emily is in the pool with the occasional swallow flitting over head.  Myrna is also keeping watch as she washes the windows. I'm eating strawberries.  You'll be happy to know the past few days have been somewhat thundery and wet. (which i enjoy because it reminds me of you)... 

Last night Shannon took us to her favourite deli for foodie course - how to make burgers/bbq/meat prep/but also delicious vegetarian patties! yum yum. Emily and I are cooking dinner tonight - so we're off to the mall for supplies this morning. 


  1. I love the outdoor fan. Wonderful.
    Take pictures of the dinner you make. I'm sure Clancy will want to see.
    I note a jewelry store but no food store?

  2. We made it last night! It went well! Have taken photos! Mum will never believe me!

  3. I'm waiting..... Shannon said it was lovely.... the lemon tart sounded sooo good too.