Tuesday, May 5, 2009

sea dogs

Costas took Emily and I fishing with four other Cypriot friends.  It was incredibly beautiful out at sea, we were in a biggish dinghy with an outboard motor... 5 blokes and us all with lines overboard. The day was a little windy so the sea became rather choppy.  You'll be happy to know that we didn't disgrace ourselves, not only did we both catch fish (Jess:1 Emily:3),two of the experienced sea dogs (the skipper and a friend) both became terribly sea sick. One chap had to catch a ride back on another boat.   Us ladies on the other hand, stood strong and howled war challenges into the wind.  The men particularly enjoyed Emily's refusal to put on anything warm - she sat there in tiny shorts and a t shirt for the whole trip (while the rest of us had parkas, jeans, the lot) - and me having to pee in a bucket at one end of the boat.  Delightful. 

Below, fresh fish dinner. 

PS: the size of the fish here!  In NZ we would throw them all back for being under-size!:

Cypriot fish is always served with oil and lemon juice - mixed together and poured liberally over the fish. 

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