Monday, May 11, 2009

Kyrenia Castle, Northern Cyprus (under occupation)

Kyrenia is a coastal town in Northern Cyprus, still held under occupation by Turkish troops, whose presence is everywhere.  Apparently the city attracts criminals galore as they cannot be extradited, as such, there has been a proliferation of big money here (and many pink English tourists).  

Kyrenia Castle on the other hand, has a history that dates back to 330AD.  It was rebuilt by a series of conquerers, including Richard the Lionheart.  Its architectural ancestry is listed as thus: Roman, Byzantine, Lusignan, Venetian, Ottoman, British...  it has now fallen back into Turkish hands (illegally).

The late afternoon sun turns the drive back into Turkish occupied area of Nicosia a brash gold.  We drive past plenty of new developments, frozen in unfinished skeletons of iron, brick and concrete.  I was particularly impressed by the empty water features showcasing giant rocks on sticks (below) that attempted to pretty-up a roundabout. 

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