Sunday, May 17, 2009


Kina's post on Jane Birkin and the E-type jag spurred me to post a picture of this gorgeous thing that arrived at our front door yesterday.  This was the car I always wanted (until I read that it doesn't actually handle all that well).  I settled for a little brown MG B whose lines echoed the e-type but unlike the jag, was entirely affordable.  (That is, until the time I decided to resume my studies. Although even then I managed to hang onto her - only giving her up to fund some of my airfare. I miss the little darling very much). 


  1. oh my god jess. fuck. will you look at that car. oh see now, funny, cos this is the car i've always wanted, but i couldn't even get something mildly echoing it cos you know, nothing shaped like that can fit three dogs...
    um and jess, you must agree that handling isn't really the point of that particular car oui non?
    i'm drooling tho, (those are gorgeous pictures you took of it as well) but so did you get to go in it???

  2. No, I didn't sadly. But I would of wanted to drive and I'm not sure the chap would of been keen. He's pretty much a man's man. Y'know what I mean? Costas isn't like that though... he offered me his porsche to drive home! I'm surrounded by beautiful cars here... there's even an old MG outside a house across the ditch. And I've yet to tell you about the other car, the BMW shark...

  3. Have you insomnia tonight my dear?

  4. i'm supposed to be in bed.
    i told sam i was coming to bed in ten minutes and that was two and a half hours ago.
    i'm listening to olivia tremor control drinking bay leaf and honey tea and smoking...
    i'm very jealous and awestruck to know you could have driven a porsche home.
    no one's ever asked me to drive their porsche home in the whole three years i've been driving!

  5. did you know Jag has bought out the latest e-type AND it still has the lovely lines and better handling, AND I've got a photo of me sitting in old one from my days in the U.K. when I was young wrinkle free brown headed and slim....arrrr boohooo