Sunday, May 17, 2009

Crossing the line again

On Thursday, five or so hours before Emily left, we went into Nicosia's old town to cross the buffer zone into the Turkish-occupied part of the city.  Crossing involves getting a slip of paper put inside your passport (no stamps in passport).  Once you've walked the 100m passage between sides, (high walls and gates cover the buffer zone from view - but if you peer through cracks you see the zombie city of ruined buildings and empty streets) you come out into a different world.  We weren't over there for long - we were both thirsty and we couldn't bring ourselves to ethically buy anything on the other side - but long enough to have a quick look at a small part of town.  We visited a cathedral, now mosque - pics below - and walked touristy streets until we found ourselves in some back streets being followed by a few harmless kids.  Emily drew attention by being a beautiful girl in a summer frock - but enough attention so that I felt a little intimidated by men's stares.  We were both relieved to cross back into South Cyprus.  Not that I wouldn't go back - the buildings are certainly beautiful and I adore Turkish food ... the Mosque was quiet and peaceful.

Four or so years ago, this line wasn't open.  It's only been recently that Cypriots could visit their old homes and the places they grew up. 

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  1. oh how I would love to have the house in the photo above the shoe pic,