Sunday, May 17, 2009

4.35am post


  1. I just liked rocky's little blue eyes... so i zoomed in on a picture to share. seemed suitable at that time of the morning... x

  2. they look like little edible pebbles!
    or jewels...
    ; ?
    why were YOU still awake at 4:35am Jessica?
    i thought others went to a mythical place called Bedr Oom at that time of the day for dreaming purposes...
    or so i've been told...
    OMG i love picasso's owl!! (and that DoP, now..)
    : )
    i'm not really even sure that it's not the catalyst that sent me down the owl path...
    you are a magician, you know that?
    i'm dreaming of e-types, et voila!
    you found THE owl of all owls, (i haven't seen that pic in years...:) i wonder,
    what else are you going to pull out of the bag dear jessie?

  3. much nicer than edible pebbles..
    ; )

    we're going up north tomorrow, so no internet for five days! (sam's mwum's incredible vinyl collection tho..!)
    i hope to fall drunkenly out of a kayak if it fines up... that's kinda my thing.
    looking forward to reading lotsand lotsa posts when i get back!