Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Battle of Thermopylae

Our first tourist-y stop was the place depicted in the film "300".  300 Spartans stood against 1.5 million Persians in an effort to give the rest of the Spartan army time to finish their religious responsibilities before they fought.  The Battle of Thermoplae is an incredible story.  Go here to read up on it right now...  this battle was a very important event in the shaping the Greek psyche.  There is barely anything of the highway to even let you know this place exists.

Fittingly, the battle field is now a glorious riot of spring flowers.  I have never seen colours like these decorate the land before.  It was so achingly beautiful here. 

The wild poppies that dot the Greek landscape at Easter are also thought of as drops of Christ's blood.  

The memorial to 700 other men that stood with the Spartans before the final battle. 


  1. oh the flowers are so beautiful,

  2. I love the statue of the mans torso backed by the POWER grids :)

  3. It's poppy week here in NZ but you are in the midst of the history. Amazing photos too. Thanks for keeping up the blog.