Sunday, April 5, 2009

"When you're alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go.... downtown"

I have had mixed feelings for LA as a city.  Up till now.  So far I guess I just haven't been able to relate to this place.  Joe took us to Downtown LA, where we walked the main street.  Looking up you see decaying 1940s facades of old movie theaters, radio towers and beautiful old hotels.  On the street is a bustle of mostly Mexican American faces, shops selling colourful Quinceanera dresses, kitsch statues of Mary and fruit sellers vending their wares. I felt at ease here.   We ate at central market, fresh delicious and cheap Mexican food.  People are so friendly to me! Always keen to describe foodstuffs, tastes...

We visited the Bradbury building, where parts of Bladerunner were filmed:  Joe had a good story about taking a friend there in the 80s, but when entering the building found it full of rubbish and looking extremely hangdog.  Shaking his head he told his friend, the building must of finally lost it's battle with funding.  It wasn't until later in the week they realised that they had in fact walked into the building at lunchtime during filming of bladerunner, and the rubbish they had seen was in fact set dressing.  See some of the scene here

American firemen are very friendly, and I love those vintage appliances (click on picture to see smile)!

The exquisite Union Station  (1939), the last great American train station: 

More street scenes from downtown: