Friday, April 10, 2009

thoughts on photographing the war dead.

As we were listening to public radio while driving around the other day, I heard people ringing in and talking about their grief at seeing the first images of American dead coming home from the wars overseas.  I hadn't known this until Joe filled me in, but that Bush had passed policy in 1991 stopping the media (with very rare exceptions) from photographing, filming or representing in any way the unloading of U.S. military dead.   Obama has immediately reversed this strange, brainwashing, dictatorial-like censorship.  Americans are now faced with sad visions of their loved ones coming home in caskets. Read and see photos on gallerist James Danziger's blog here.  

Bush's legacy is a terrible one.  In contrast, everytime I see Obama's face on a bumper sticker here in the States, I get extremely emotional.  As does Joe.  For liberal, left wing folk, there is now a sense of real hope and change.  

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